Close-up Magician

David’s close-up magic is a fast-paced visual feast which can have your sides hurting from laughter one minute to stunning you into silence the next. With his unique personality and technical prowess he can make even the most sceptical of spectators laugh with amazement.

Having presented over 10,000 close-up performances, David has perfected his routines to a finely tuned art form. Close-up magic can work for almost any event or audience. It is the perfect way to make everyone welcome at an event where they may otherwise have felt a little out of place. It gives people the opportunity to introduce themselves and provides a great conversation starter.

Birthdays – Anniversaries – Family Days – Dinner Parties

Cocktail Parties – Corporate Events – Trade Shows


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Close-up Magic



Looking for unique wedding entertainment ideas? A magician can be the perfect solution. David has a large amount of experience entertaining at weddings. Often schedules can overrun, particularly when travelling between venues. Having an experienced wedding magician like David can help to keep guests happy and occupied while things get back on track.

Drinks Reception

Between getting married and your wedding reception there is a natural quiet period while you have your wedding photos taken, and your guests are enjoying a drink. Close-up magic will allow your guests to seamlessly blend together (and they won’t even notice that time has passed!)

In-Between Courses

During the wedding breakfast can be a really good time to have close-up magic, helping to fill the quieter moments in between courses. This can also flow nicely after the drinks reception where people who may not have already seen some magic can have a chance to be wowed.

Wedding Reception Entertainment (Evening)

After your guests have eaten they will be expecting some wedding entertainment, so why not give them something they wouldn’t expect? Finding fun wedding ideas can be hard, but booking David for his Comedy Magic Show is easy. David’s Magic Show is fun for everyone and can give the guests that don’t enjoy a wedding DJ or Band an ideal alternative.






Need entertainment ideas for your 50th birthday at home? Maybe you are having an anniversary party at the local village hall. You might even be organising a big company event with hundreds of people. There are an endless array of events close-up magic can work at.

Large Event Entertainment

If you are hosting an event with hundreds of guests David can help to organise your entertainment. He is not only a very accomplished magician himself, but he has a close circle of talented colleagues. David can hand pick and book a team of magicians, saving you time and hassle by giving you only one set of paperwork and one bill to pay. David can also provide a large scale version of the comedy magic show that is suitable for your event.

Small Event Entertainment

The majority of David’s shows are smaller, more personal events. Close-up magic can work for so many occasions including mingling amongst guests, in-between courses, drinks receptions and so much more. If you are having a small event in your home or at a small venue close-up magic can work very well. If you want something different the parlour magic show is an alternative which is somewhere between the comedy magic show and close-up magic.


Family Days

David can offer a full schedule of entertainment for your family fun day. The normal offering for this type of event is 2 magic shows lasting around 30-45 mins each (one at the start of the day and one at the end), with close-up magic in-between the two shows. David can also offer any hosting that may be required throughout the day.



Good corporate entertainment ideas are hard to come by. Worried your next Christmas party, business event or trade show will be bland or boring? Well, David J. Marks can help.

Corporate Parties / Client Events

Close-up magic can be the perfect way to keep your staff or clients entertained while they mingle, giving them some great conversation starters and making sure everyone is having a good time. If you need to give your corporate event something extra special booking the comedy magic show can be the way to go. If you need to make your CEO disappear, or maybe they just want to be the star of the show, David can make it happen.


Trade Show Magician

Looking to stand out at your next trade show? David can take the core ideas or USP of your service or product and convey them in a way that is entertaining and astounding. This can improve engagement and increase foot traffic to your stand, giving you the opportunity to get across your business.