Sometimes it may feel that booking a professional magician may be too much. You don’t want to book a big venue, pay caterers or have a five piece band. All you want is a casual, fun feel in your own home with a handful of friends, but you want your party to be memorable. David provides the perfect option.

The parlour magic show is a small show that can be set up in a room of your home, and is somewhere between a full Comedy Magic Show and Close-up Magic. It is the perfect choice if you are having a BBQ or a cocktail party. The parlour magic show is David’s favourite style of magic as it combines the intimate feel of close-up magic with the spectacle of a full comedy Magic Show.

45 Minute show

The 45 minute parlour show is a great choice for around 10-15 guests, and is ideal if you are having a small group of close friends over for an intimate party. At a time in your evening when everyone would normally be sitting around they can be whisked away into a small living room of your home that has been set up to entertain and astound.


15 Minute shows

If you are planning to have more than 15 guests at your party, this is a lovely way to keep them excited and intrigued. Throughout your evening guests can be brought through in small groups of around 6 people to the parlour magic show. For 15 minutes at a time people can have their minds blown in a comfortable environment where they won’t be distracted by food or other guests arriving.